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On costume – colours, sizes and care

All garments are made of only the natural materials, used at the time: linen, hemp, wool and silk. The models copy the designs which we can assume – or sometimes know – were used by the Vikings. They are mostly very functional and easy to wear, and care for.

The garments are made one by one. Every one is by then unique, especially the ones decorated or bicoloured. So, please state in your inquiry your preferances, and we will try our best to meet with your wishes! Proofs of material will be sent, and prices fixed.

Price for linen, naturally coloured, is SEK 65/m,
SEK 90/m for dyed at your wishes, SEK 175/m when plant dyed.
For wool normally SEK 140/m all colours, SEK 250/m when plant dyed.

The colours are approximate. Natural materials vary, and we often dye both linen and wool ourselves, in small lots. Please make a note on colour in your inquiry.

Linen colours: natural, blue, green, yellow, red. The colours of linen are usually rather light on our garments, though blue can be dyed quite dark.

Linen care: Machine wash warm (no bleach unless you want it lighter), lightly spin or tumble (wears the material faster), steam iron hot on back side of garment. Or strech and hang in the wind and use it un-ironed!

Colours of wool can be full and bright, which the wealthy Vikings seem to have preferred. One can assume that more simple and maybe blurred colours were those of working people´s clothes and Vikings of lower grades. Colourful ribbons and other decorations gave an impressive effect.

Wool care: Air and brush, hang in an airy place. Needs seldom to be washed. If so, use hand-wash or machine-wash at a tender wool-programme.

Sizes: Please state your measures of length, leg and arm length, bust, waist, hips, in cm or inches when you order.